Independence and transparency

Nobody values independence and transparency higher than DrugStars, because we know that the development of a global patient movement depends on these core values.

The following are the ethical business rules of DrugStars.

The DrugStars platform comprises:
a. Companies that contribute with sponsor funding to the DrugStars company
b. Patients (users of the app) who allocate sponsor funding for the DrugStars company
c. Patient organizations that receive sponsor funding from the DrugStars company

A fundamental part of the interaction between parties a, b and c above is that:

1. No company sponsor (a) can give any directions as to where the sponsorship funds should be allocated.
2. Only patients (b) who have received stars can decide on the allocation of sponsorship funds.
3. All patient organizations (c) that are approved by the authorities as patient organizations in their respective countries can receive sponsor funds from DrugStars.

Terminology wise, companies contributing with sponsor funds are categorized as “indirect sponsors of patient organizations”. This means that a company sponsoring DrugStars cannot reasonably be accused of giving money that benefits a specific patient organization.

Another important factor to ensure independence and transparency is that a company sponsor (a) of stars cannot give any directions regarding what sponsorship funds should be given to users of a specific pharmaceutical product.

And a company sponsor (a) can chose to:

y. sponsor the full DrugStars community, or
z. sponsor specific disease indication(s) based on the ATC system to third level (e.g. D05 Psoriasis), regardless of which product the patients are using.

The business model is simple: 1 star represents 1 cent in sponsoring funds. The sponsoring company pays DrugStars for administering the platform.

In case (y) above, DrugStars gets 0.3 cents per sponsoring star.
In case (z) above, DrugStars gets 0,6 cent per sponsoring star. This larger amount is to ensure that DrugStars can cover less
‘popular’ diseases to sponsors.

In return, the sponsoring companies (a) get a #companyname together with space for non-product communication in the social media posting relating to user allocation of sponsoring funds.

For transparency, DrugStars will annually disclose all sponsoring company (a) contributions to all patient organizations (c). And patient organizations (c) will disclose the DrugStars donation including indirect sponsoring companies (a) on their website one month after the donation at the latest.