download now and start donating to health charities in just a few minutes, and it’s 100% free for charge!

It’s easy

Download the DrugStars app and register your medications.

Just continue to take your medicine as prescribed by your doctor.

You will get a reminder to collect your stars at the time you have entered as your time to take a dose of medicine.

Donate your “DrugStars” to charities, we ensure the conversion into real money.

In addition, you get access to healthcare raffles that make life with a disease easier.

Your stars can turn into gold

All types of active members are entered into raffles where you can win entry to health-related events.

The chances for winning increases with the type of membership.

Bronzemedlem: tag din medicin og hjælp andre patienter

150 stars

 Bronze member.

Sølv-medlem: Bronzemedlem: tag din medicin og hjælp andre patienter

300 stars

Silver member.

Guld-medlem: Bronzemedlem: tag din medicin og hjælp andre patienter

500 stars

Gold member.

  • Get 50 stars

    for reviewing each of your medications – only eight short questions + photo of medicine

  • Get 50 stars

    for signing up for news on surveys and clinical trials.

  • Get 1 star per dose

    You get 1 star per dose you take as prescribed by your doctor.

  • One star corresponds to 1 cent.

    It doesn’t sound much, but everything counts in large amounts, and an average patient collects 1000 stars a year. Think what thousands of patients can achieve in a global movement of DrugStars.

Independence and transparency

Nobody values independence and transparency higher than DrugStars, because we know that the development of a global patient movement depends on exactly these core values.  Click here to read our business rules.


Companies can also become a supporter of stars as part of your CSR efforts, gaining improved social media interaction.

Read more here

All patient organizations can be included in the DrugStars platform – for free.

Imagine that your organization get financial support every time a member take their medicines as prescribed, and you could get new members by through the social media interaction involved in the DrugStars platform.

Read more here

Even though we try to make it FUN to take meds, we are deeply serious.

We want to change healthcare through use of anonymised big data that represents the voice of patients. We recognize its a team effort to take action so we commit to making our patient insights data available as open source for non-profit patient-focused scientific research. We also provide aggregated anonymised data on commercial terms to commercial organisations for well defined patient-important purposes.

The team behind DrugStars have many years of combined international experience in research, development and communication around medical treatment. We are fully committed to data privacy and protection and to making sure insights are applied to benefit DrugStars users and the wider patient community.

Daily operations

Claus Møldrup

Claus Møldrup

CEO founder

Claus is the founder of DrugStars. He’s a pharmacist and previously worked as a professor of social pharmacy at the University of Copenhagen and INSEAD. His scientific research primarily focused on patient behavior in relation to medicine use.

Søren Eik Skovlund

Søren Eik Skovlund

CPO co-founder

Søren is our Chief Patient Officer, and has a background in behavioral science and health psychology. Through research and insights, Søren is in charge of creating value for patients and the users of our app.

Tobias Ley

Tobias Ley


Tobias holds a master of IT and business - and loves 4D: Development through Data Driven Decisions. Tobias is in charge of front and backend developers.

Jesper Kilbæk

Jesper Kilbæk

CFO co-founder - Chairman of the Board

Jesper has a background in finance and banking. He oversees all our financial matters and he makes sure that all donations make their way to the right recipient.

Marius Møldrup

Marius Møldrup

Media graphics

Marius loves to make graphic simple and smooth.


Finn Overgaard

Finn Overgaard

Advisor - co-founder

Finn has worked with relationships and marketing his entire professional life. If you have tried SAS EuroBonus, you’ve already tried some of Finn’s work.

Paul Clements

Paul Clements

Advisor co-founder

Clem is our UX/UI digital guru. The functions and design of the app and how it works are made by Clem. He hopes you can easily find your way round the app.

Martin Plambek

Martin Plambek

Advisor co-founder

Martin has experience from the media, telecom, airline, and shipping industries. He worked at Maersk for many years, where he, amongst other things, was in charge of a Discovery series and Maersk’s involvement in a Hollywood movie with Tom Hanks.

Claes Rasmussen

Claes Rasmussen

Advisor co-founder

Claes has been involved with marketing and commercials his entire life. He is especially experienced in communicating with patients.

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