Now you can donate to our new COVID-19 Charity in the app.

Donate your stars to this new charity, helping the World Health Organisation (WHO) in their global fight against the Corona Virus helping us all through the difficult times we find ourselves in.
Remember you can earn more stars by reviewing your medications, and the more stars you have the more you can donate and the more we can help.

Are you one of the 4,3 billion people with a chronic illness?

With DrugStars you get even more out of your medication, and at no extra cost.

  • A scientifically proven app that helps you.
  • Reminders and rewards for every dose you take.
  • Proven optimised treatment outcomes.
  • Rewards for sharing your experiences.
  • Rewards for returning waste medicines.
Exchange your rewards to start giving free donations to patient organisations to help others like you.

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Together we can make a difference.

Today, DrugStars is a movement with more than 320,000 users donating daily to 230 health charities all over the world. Every day, more people join the movement and become DrugStars, and every month, new health charities join the app, so there are even more people you can donate to.

But together, we become more than just an app, more than a group of people taking medications and making free donations to health charities and organisations all over the globe. We are DrugStars: A global movement fighting for patients voices to be heard. Join us today.


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57% of the global population suffer from a chronic illness

A staggering 4,3 billion people globally are living with a chronic illness. An illness that may well mean consuming prescription medication on a daily basis for the rest of their lives.

So why is nobody from the Pharmaceutical industry talking medication with these people? They must some of the best informed when it comes to how medication works in the real world.

We think this is wrong. We believe that Patients should be powering pharmaceuticals. At DrugStars we are gathering these experiences and stories and adding the patients voice to the conversation.

Sharing is caring.

Please help us share our story, and make a difference in the world.