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A free donation to health charities for each dose you take.

+ medicine, vitamines reminder and optimized medicine experience.

Add your medicine, vitamines and get reminders

Collect your reward for taking your meds and sharing your experience

Donate to health charities in need

Share your success to grow the movement

Your experience can help patients around the world

By verifying your medicine in the DrugStars app, you will be able to track your progress, receive advice and gain a better understanding of your experience. At the same time, you’re providing data that can affect the development of new and better medicines.
We understand how valuable your feedback is: Your data can literally save lives. That’s why we’re paying for your reviews in ‘stars’ that allow you to support health charities for free.

To cover the donations, we will be distributing our anonymized and aggregated data to companies who want to understand patients’ experience in order to improve their products. But remember, DrugStars is for the users, and we will stay that way. Therefore, we will never be giving out any information that could lead back to you. 

£135.000+ in activated donations

Together, we are making a difference

Today, DrugStars is a movement with +160,000 users donating to health charities all over the world. Every day, more people become DrugStars, and every month, new health charities join the app.

Together, we are more than just an app, people taking medicine and health charities – we are DrugStars: the movement fighting for the patients.

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What People are Saying

I believe that the DrugStars app is of great help to our members. The app reminds them of their medication and gives them the opportunity to donate money to our organization.

Kim Diabetes Association Denmark

I LOVE this app! I take meds every day, and now I can help others by doing nothing extra! The app makes me feel good about myself and filled with pride because I could help others.

Kellie the play store

It’s super easy. It gives me an alert to take my meds when I’m supposed to and it donates money to charity.

Alley the Play Store

Most amazing and touching app ever to be made :’)

Isamusen the App Store

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