DrugStars, RockStars, RealityStars?

Who are DrugStars? We are DrugStars. A Copenhagen based start up that since 2015 have been aiming to help bring Real World data into the conversation between Pharmaceutical companies and the Payers. This is no easy task and we’re still learning and improving everyday.

A small team with big ambitions.

We’re 8 people in our Copenhagen office managing users, charities and our partners in the pharmaceutical world. Some people ask us if we’re just in the pockets of “Big Pharma” as they pay for the data generated in the app. This isn’t true, we sell data not only to pay for donations, but to help anyone involved in medication to learn more, make better products and understand the valuable insights found in Real World Data.

Your private data is just that private.

It’s important for us to explain that we’ll never sell personal data, we simply not interested in people knowing who is using what medication. The value of the data generated is in its volume, revealing patterns and delivering insight; highlighting what patients really feel, think and experience when using their medications.

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