Sick Girl Amalie WesselAmalie Wessel is a Danish blogger and influencer. She was a part of the Danish TV show, ‘The Perfect Girls’, where four girls attempt to break free of their own expectations for themselves. Now she’s once more trying to break down a subject that can be taboo: Amalie has a chronic illness.

“I choose to tell about it now because I’ve teamed up with (…) DrugStars, where taking your medicine every day can actually be a positive thing and can help other people elsewhere. Of course, I could’ve just written something about me taking vitamin D every day because that’s actually enough to make good use of the app, but it is probably just as much a process for me to tell about the disease.  After all, it’s here to stay, and it that sense it is a part of me. But it can be up to me whether or not I let it define anything, and to avoid that, maybe it’s best to be open about it.”


Openness, medicine and arthritis

Amalie’s blog is about personal style, music, beauty, lifestyle and sarcastic writings.

Sick girl Amalie Wessel“I can’t take my Eltroxin and D-vitamin at the same time, so I have a hard time remembering my vitamin in my busy everyday life. But it gets much easier by having to press a button in an app that even does something good for other people.”

Amalie’s profile in DrugStars may not vary a lot from other users with a metabolic disease, but her openness about it is admiring. She donates her stars to The Danish Arthritis Association. See the other health charities in the DrugStars app here.

“Of course, it would make sense to donate to a metabolic disease charity, but I don’t know if that exists. The Danish Arthritis Association exists, so I’ve chosen to donate to them since both my grandmother and one of my great folk school friends suffer from arthritis.”