We are proud to already be helping these fantastic, hard working health charities.

If you’re a health charity and wish to join the DrugStars movement, or if you know of a charity that you would like to see in the app and be able to donate too for free, simply send us an email (info@drugstars.com) with any contact details you have and we will be get in touch with them or you as soon as possible. We feel so privileged to be able to deliver all the free donations made in the app, we just want to give even more.

DrugStars users told us that a major factor for their adherence was that using DrugStars changed their perception of taking their medication form a necessary evil to a necessary good. The fact that they are able to donate to a charity or patient organisation for free by simply taking their medication as prescribed was a considerable driver; we are so happy here at DrugStars helping people #GivingByTaking.

All charities should join DrugStars, there's nothing to loose and everything to win.

Health charities in the DrugStars app receive donations from the app’s users for free. But most importantly, they are giving their members a chance to change their experience with medicine for the better. Heres how it works: We create a page for you in the app and inform all our users of your health charity. It’s always free for you, your members and all other DrugStars users to donate via the app. We convert all donations into real money (for FREE) and give the donations to you at our yearly event.