Cancer costs. Let’s change the price tag

This month at DrugStars, we’re paying special attention to one of our UK charitiesThe team at CLIC Sargent dedicate their time to limit the effects of cancer on the lives of young people within the UK. They do a great job! This month they’re focusing their efforts on a particular issue that affects countless individuals on a daily basis: The cost of travel.

Research carried out by the team at CLIC Sargent shows that children and young people with cancer have to travel an average of 60 miles to and from the hospital for treatment. You’re probably asking yourself; “why do they have to travel so far?”.

The distance is often so far due to the specialist care needed. The type of treatment needed is often unavailable at local hospitals. Thus, forcing young cancer patients to travel to specialist cancer centres in order to receive the care they need. Further research from the team at CLIC Sargent suggests that the cost of travel can be as high as £180 a month!

How can I help?

In an effort to change this, CLIC Sargent is raising awareness on this issue. They’re also asking individuals to join the cause and show their support. The best way you can show your support is to sign their petition. Doing so lets the government know that this issue matters and deserves an investment in both time and money.

#JoinOurFight #CCAM