CLIC Sargent receives their first donation

This week we are happy to announce that CLIC Sargent will receive their first donation from DrugStars. A total of £1,089!!!

How did they raise so much?

Last year we ramped up our efforts to increase the number of UK charities within the DrugStars app. Doing so increases the chance that you as a user will find the perfect charity to donate your stars to. During this push, we met the team at CLIC Sargent. We’d seen the work they had been doing to help young people with cancer and were very excited at the possibility of helping them with them with their fundraising efforts.

Upon joining the app, CLIC Sargent’s popularity was instant! Receiving just of 40,000 stars in their first month! That’s approximately £333*.
Also, CLIC Sargent has been amazing at sending the DrugStars team patient stories, the latest news from their charity and much other content that we could share with our users. That has made our users aware of their charity and the important work they do.

It’s a huge testament to our users and their commitment to stay healthy that we can donate such a large amount to CLIC Sargent. So from the team at DrugStars, we’d like to say a massive thank you to all of our users.

So what will they do with the donation?

As part of our effort to remain as transparent as possible, we like to shine a light on the donation process; from the start to the very end. We got in touch with the team a CLIC Sargent to find out how this donation will be used.


Being diagnosed with cancer often affects an individual’s life on many levels. In young people, education is the area which is disrupted the most. In an effort to ensure that they do not fall too far behind, CLIC Sargent offers alternative methods of education to young people throughout the UK. With our donation, CLIC Sargent can provide 32 hours of education.


If you missed CLIC Sargent’s campaign last year, you may still be unaware of the cost of cancer. In an effort to ensure that lack of finances isn’t a reason an individual does not receive the necessary care; CLIC Sargent offers grants to a number of families each and every year. Our donation can help 6 families during their potentially difficult financial time.


Another unexpected result of being diagnosed with cancer is the travel involved. Often individuals will have to travel out of their way to receive the necessary treatment. As a result, a lot of money is spent on accommodation. The team at CLIC Sargent has understood this problem and tries to alleviate this issue in the form of the “home-from-home” scheme. Offering a free place to stay for patients and their families. Our donation ensures that the home-from-home is open for at least 38 days.

If you’d like to start donating to charity for free, download the Drugstars app today. Additionally, If you have any questions regarding DrugStars feel free to contact us.