We are proud to already be helping these fantastic, hard working health charities.

If you are a health charity and wish to join the DrugStars movement, or if you know of a charity that you would like to see in the app and be able to donate too for free, simply send us an email (info@drugstars.com) with any contact details you have and we will be get in touch with them or you as soon as possible.

Donate to the Malaria Consortium via the DrugStars app
Donate to CureAHC via the DrugStars App
Tuberøs Sclerose Scleroseforeningen
Children's Liver Disease Foundation
Kidney Care UK
Lungekræft, Lung Cancer
Endometriose, DrugStars, Patientforening
The children's trust, TCT, DrugStars
Brook DrugStars sexual health
Bloodwise DrugStars
Childrens charity theodora drugstars
Atopisk Eksem Forening, DrugStars
London Friend LGBT
ovacome ovarian cancer drugstars
Diabetes, BT1
LyLe, Cancer
CLIC Sargent, Cancer
Kræftforeningen Tidslerne, Kræft