Data Saves Lives

The data on your experience with medicine can help others and improve medicine around the world.
The DrugStar, Henning, happily shares his data with DrugStars in exchange for free donations to health charities.

DrugStar with diabetes

Henning Nielsen is 60 years old and has type 2 diabetes. He uses DrugStars every day and has done so in the past 6 months.

Numbers from Denmark’s Pharmacy Association show that one-third of chronically ill patients do not take their medicine correctly. More than 100,000 Danes will be hospitalised every year with medical problems that can be prevented by taking their medicine correctly. Henning has type 2 diabetes and takes insulin and pills every day. DrugStars reminds him of his medicine that he otherwise easily forgets.

“It’s genious that I can donate money for free by taking my medicine. That was why I started to use DrugStars in the first place.”

Henning does not simply improve his own life by remembering his pills: When Henning takes his medicine and logs it in the DrugStars app, he is contributing with unique health data. DrugStars is currently gathering information on more than 3.000 different products. This data will help develop better medicine and make lives easier and better for patients around the world.

“I continue to use the app, I use it regularly, and I have actually convinced my wife to use it as well. I hope that others get inspired to use DrugStars when I share that I have donated money by taking my medicine.”

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