DrugStars donates biggest cheque ever

November has been a busy month for us here at DrugStars. But it’s been an extremely happy one. This Thursday, November 8, we donated our biggest cheque yet to Danske Hospitalsklovne.

Danske Hospitalsklovne has been in the DrugStars app since May 2017. Their first cheque was on DKK 2.711,- (approx. £317). Back then, DrugStars CEO, Claus Møldrup was the one delivering the cheques himself. Today, more than one year later, Patient Engagement &amp; Care Managers, Lærke and Andre, are the ones who get to do this fulfilling work.</span>

“We meet tons of children, every day, who have to take all kinds of different medicine”
Sissel Witt, Danske Hospitalsklovne

Danske Hospitalklovne’s second cheque, six months after their first, was on DKK 15.422,50 (approx. £1800,-). Today, on November 8, Lærke had the honour of donating a cheque worth DKK 40.544,- (approx. £4740,-).

The money will, among other things, finance the 174 clown visits that happen every week around Danish hospitals.

”We meet tons of children, every day, who have to take all kinds of different medicine for all kinds of reasons. It’s definitely not always easy for the parents to keep track of what pill should be taken when, when they get home from the hospital – This is where DrugStars is a genius tool. And of course, it’s an extra bonus that they can donate money to charities, e.g. Danske Hospitalsklovne, at the same time.” Sissel Witt, Danske Hospitalsklovne.

Let’s see if Danske Hospitalsklovne can keep the record, or if someone takes it away.