Experience DrugStars in Sign Language

Why do you need a user guide in sign language? Can’t people with hearing loss simply read the guide? Well, it’s not that simple. Read why the Danish Deaf Association wanted to make a user guide in Danish sign language.

The DrugStars guide can now be experienced in sign language. At the beginning of September, Danish charity, Danske Døves Landsforbund (Danish Deaf Association), joined DrugStars. In October, Vickie from the charity contacted us regarding the possibility of making a DrugStars user guide in sign language. That video is ready now thanks to the hard work of the Danish Deaf Association.

We’ve asked Helle Skjoldan from DDL, why it’s important to have guides in sign language.

Danish Deaf Association works for the interest of deaf and hearing impaired people within all relevant areas. We work for increased accessibility to society’s offers – including eg. accessibility to a large amount of information available on the web – as well as for the deaf to have access to sign language interpretation in all the situations that are needed.

But why can’t the people with a hearing loss simply read the guide?

(Danish red.) deaf people’s native language is Danish sign language while written Danish is a foreign language. When you can not hear the language, it’s not easy to learn it as a written language as sign language and Danish are two completely different languages. Deaf Danes’ Danish language skills, therefore, varies greatly.

We get by with a ‘little’ help from the charities

The Danish Deaf Association has been completely in charge of the production of the movie. We think they’ve done a great job. At DrugStars, we’re always looking for ways to become more transparent to all of our different users. This can be a challenge when you’re working with so many different health areas. We want the app to be as easy and giving to use for as many different users as possible, and to make this happen, our guides have to be easy to understand. Therefore, we’ve updated our HELP section and, of course, added our user guides – written and in sign language. Here, you will find some of our frequently asked questions but don’t hesitate to ask us questions via e-mail as well.

When it comes to important information it’s always nicest to receive them in your mother tongue  – that ensures that there are no misunderstandings.

Hopefully, we will be able to create DrugStars guides in other sign languages as well.
Thank you to the Danish Deaf Association for their amazing work!