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What is DrugStars?

DrugStars hopes to become the largest patient movement in the world. A movement of patients who give to others just by taking their meds as prescribed. A movement of patients who share their experiences and perspectives with regard to their medicines, so that this knowledge can be used to improve treatments. The ambition is to make you proud of taking your meds the right way – a real DrugStar.

Is DrugStars a patient organization?

No, we have no political agenda and do not focus on specific diseases. However, we do collaborate with patient organizations. Patient organizations can make use of a free profile page in the DrugStars app, so patients can donate or even become a member of the patient organization.

How does DrugStars work?

You register the meds you take, and, by taking your meds as prescribed by your doctor, you will be awarded stars. You can also earn stars by reviewing your meds, by signing up for trials or by referring other patients to join DrugStars.

You can than donate your stars to a patient organization of your choice.

How many stars can I collect?

You can collect as many as you like, depending on your prescriptions and the number of over-the-counter products you use. Reviews and participation in surveys count too, as does verification of your medications by a photo. You can easily earn 1000 stars per year. After gaining 150 stars, you become a bronze member, after 250 stars, a silver member, and, after 500 stars, a gold member.

Stars not collected within seven days expire automatically. Stars collected and made available for you to donate may expire six months after being accrued.

What else can I get?

By making a donation of 50 stars to a patient organization, you qualify for a health voucher of your choice in our app, which you can use either online or in a real shop.

How much is a star worth?

One star represents 1 cent. It doesn’t sound a lot, but remember that an average patient takes about 1,000 doses of a medicine per year. And imagine that 1,000,000 other patients do the same, then each star is worth a lot to you and future patients.

Stars are digital items only, and, regardless of the terminology used, have no cash value and may never be redeemed for “real world” money for personal use. During the donation process, your stars will be converted by us to real world money that the charities receive via bank transfer.

How are the stars converted to money?

Healthcare companies convert stars to money as part of their corporate social responsibility campaigns. DrugStars.com is managing the contributions to match specific diseases, or just all types of DrugStars users.

Can 3 party companies get in contact with me?

No. When you make a donation your contribution will be posted on the social media of your choice. In that post, #DrugStars #contributing company and #patient organization will be mentioned.

Can I skip social media posting?

Yes. In that case the donation is made anonymously on the DrugStars social media profile. But why not be proud of your contribution, and make others follow your example, to benefit the future of healthcare?

Why do I need to take a picture of my meds?

This is just for verification; it ensures that reviews are real. It is important that information used for future drug research and development is valid and that patient reviews are genuine.

Will my data be used for commercial purposes?

Data from reviews (patient experiences with products) is used for scientific research and may also be sold on commercial terms to healthcare companies. This data is always used in an aggregated form and is always anonymous.

All aspects of privacy are described here and terms and conditions are here.

Feel free to contact us with further questions at info@drugstars.com