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About the app

How does DrugStars work?

It’s very simple to use DrugStars, and if you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us.

First, you download the app and login with your Facebook account or create your very own DrugStars account.
Then, you register your medicine, vitamins etc.
You will receive reminders based on the information that you registered with your medication, and every time you receive a reminder, you will also be able to collect a ‘star’. You can also earn stars by reviewing your medicine or by referring other people to join DrugStars.
When you have earned 50 stars, you can donate them to one of the health charities in the app. DrugStars turns the ‘stars’ into real money and donates them to the health charities approx. every 6 months.
See some of the great memories in Donations.

If you wish, you can see a more detailed guide to the DrugStars app right here: Download The DrugStars Guide right here

We also have a Danish guide in Danish sign language made together with Danske Døves Landsforbund.

How many stars can I collect?

You receive one star per dose, and you can collect as many as possible depending on your prescriptions and the number of over-the-counter products you use.
Reviews and participation in surveys count too, as does verification of your medications by taking a photo of your medicine. You can easily earn 1000 stars per year.

Stars not collected within seven days expire automatically. Stars collected and made available for you to donate may expire six months after being accrued.

How much is a star worth?

One star represents $0.01 / £1 penny. It doesn’t sound a lot, but remember that an average patient takes about 1,000 doses of medicine per year. And imagine that 1,000,000 other patients do the same, then each star is worth a lot to health charities and future patients.

Stars are digital items only, and, regardless of the terminology used, have no cash value and may never be redeemed for “real-world” money for personal use. During the donation process, your stars will be converted by us to real-world money that the health charities receive via bank transfer.

How are the stars converted into money?

We cover our donations with money from our own pocket, private foundations and distributing anonymized and aggregated data to our commercial partners. These companies want to understand our users’ experience in order to improve their products. We are fully committed to data privacy and protection and to making sure insights are applied to benefit our users and the wider patient community.

Remember; DrugStars is for the users, and we will stay that way. Therefore, we will never be giving out any personal information about our users. 

How old should I be to use DrugStars?

We only recommend DrugStars for people that are 18 or older.

Bronze, Silver or Gold member? What does that mean?

After earning 150 stars, you become a bronze member, after 250 stars, a silver member, and, after 500 stars, a gold member.
This will not have any effect on your DrugStars experience – well except for the fact that your DrugStars app will be much prettier!

What happens when I donate to a disease area without a specific health charity?

When you donate your stars to a disease area, your stars will go to the first health charities that join DrugStars within that area.

Help us expand the selection of charities by recommending DrugStars to your favourite health charity.

Why do I need to take a picture of my medicine?

This is just for verification; it ensures that your reviews are real. It is important that information used for future medical research and development is valid and that patient reviews are genuine.

Can I skip social media posting when I donate?

Yes. In that case, the donation is made anonymously. But why not be proud of your contribution, and make others follow your example?

How do you choose the charities?

This is a difficult question because it varies a lot: Sometimes, we contact a charity and hear if they want to join, sometimes the charities contact us and ask if they can join.

However, we can say this much: as long as a charity is a registered and legal health charity, it can join DrugStars.
We’re often receiving requests regarding new charities, but we would like to encourage you to contact the charities directly and tell them about DrugStars.

How does the lottery work?

Every time you make a donation of 50 stars to a health charity, you will receive one lottery ticket for the monthly lottery. Your tickets will not expire, so every month, you will have more chances of winning. The winner will be drawn automatically every month and will be contacted personally. You participate automatically.

How do I delete my DrugStars account?

Write us an email at info@drugstars.com from your DrugStars email and explain the reason that you want to delete your DrugStars account. Then we will see to it as soon as possible.

Data & Donations

Where does the money for the donations come from?

We cover our donations with money from our own pocket, private foundations and distributing anonymized and aggregated data to our commercial partners. These companies want to understand our users’ experience in order to improve their products. We are fully committed to data privacy and protection and to making sure insights are applied to benefit our users and the wider patient community.

Remember; DrugStars is for the users, and we will stay that way. Therefore, we will never be giving out any personal information about our users.

Is DrugStars handling data legally?

At DrugStars, we’re very open about our handling of data. When it comes to selling data, DrugStars lives up to all requirements and rules. We have let the app get reviewed by external lawyers as well as the Danish Medicines Agency to ensure that everything is by the book. There have been no objections in that context.

Does DrugStars sell data to the pharmaceutical industry?

Yes, DrugStars sells data to the pharmaceutical industry, always on an aggregated and anonymised level. That’s how we are able to pay for the donations to health charities. In that way, we have created this ethical model where we pay our users for the data they provide.

DrugStars’ data can eventually have a great impact on the development and improvement of medication. In the end, our vision is to become the world’s largest patient movement. We will always be on the users’ side and be independent of the pharmaceutical industry. That’s why there is no connection between the money that we make and the donations that we donate.

DrugStars also provides free data to scientifical research at universities.

Our charity doesn’t want donations from the pharmaceutical industry!

Few charities have decided that they will not receive donations directly from the pharmaceutical industry, even though it is completely legal. Of course, that is okay. But donations from DrugStars are not donations from the pharmaceutical industry. We have simply chosen to give back and be socially responsible by letting the users decide where the money will go.

Would a charity say no to receive a donation from a large TV-station, simply because the station had made money on commercials for over-the-counter medicine? And we’re pretty sure that charities do not check whether or not their donators has made money on stocks in a pharmaceutical company.

Can 3rd party companies get in contact with me?

No. We would never give away any personal information about you to anyone.

Will my data be used for commercial purposes?

Data from reviews (patient experiences with products) will be sold in anonymized and aggregated form to companies who want to understand patients’ experience in order to improve their products. The information will never lead back to you, but will instead be crucial in the development of future medicine. Remember, DrugStars is for the users, and we will stay that way.

All aspects of Privacy are described here and Terms are here.


What is DrugStars?

DrugStars ApS is a Danish company founded by Claus Møldrup, a former professor at the University of Copenhagen in modern medicine. He founded it together with Claes Rasmussen, former CEO at TWBA, Finn Overgaard, former CEO at RelationshusetGekko, Martin Plambek, former GM strategic marketing at Maersk Group, Jesper Kilbæk, former director of a bank, and Paul Clements, creative partner at Mensch.

Basically, DrugStars is an app that reminds you to take your medicine and awards you with stars that you can donate to health charities. But we’re so much more than that:
DrugStars hopes to become the largest patient movement in the world. A movement of patients who give to others just by taking their medicine as prescribed. And most importantly, a movement of patients who share their experiences and perspectives with regard to their medicines, so that this knowledge can be used to improve treatments. The ambition is to make you proud of taking your medicine the right way – to make you a real DrugStar.

Is DrugStars a health charity?

No, DrugStars has no political agenda and we do not exclude any diseases.
See which health charities you can find in the app by visiting Health Charities.


How to add medication, vitamins, supplements – and get reminded to take them?

Follow these steps to add a medication to your profile:

  1. Navigate to the “Medications” tab
  2. Tap the ” + ” button in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Start typing in the name of your medication
  4. Select the medication from the list of suggestions that fits what you’re taking the most. If our database is missing your medication please tap “Choose”, to add this medication as custom.
  5. Tap “Choose intake frequency” and select the option that best fits your intake
  6. Set the required fields (e.g.: Start date, End date) and finish by tapping “Add medication” at the bottom of the screen

How to remove medication?

Follow these steps to remove medication from your profile:

  1. Navigate to the “Medications” tab
  2. Swipe the medication’s row to the left. A white trashcan should appear with a red background.
  3. Tap the trashcan. Confirm the removal by choosing “Yes”. The medication should be removed.

How to review your medicine & receive 50 stars?

Follow these steps to review your medicine and receive 50 stars:

  1. Navigate to the “Medications” tab
  2. Tap the “Review” button
  3. Complete the questionnaire and receive 50 stars. The review button will now turn into a score. When tapping this score you can receive advice, see the medicine overview and view your progress.

How to give a FREE donation?

Follow these steps to give a free donation:

  1. Navigate to the “Home” tab
  2. Tap the middle button. Please note that you will need at least 50 stars to make a donation.
  3. Select a charity that you’d like to donate to.
  4. Tap “Give 50 stars”. Once the animation is over you can share news about your donation or go back to the home page by tapping the “X” in the top right corner.

How to report that you took your medication and claim stars?

Follow these steps to claim stars and add them to your “star wallet”:

  1. Navigate to the “Calendar” tab
  2. Tap the pill with the green tick to claim that you have taken that medicine. You will earn a star, and it will be added to

Alternatively, you can tap the pill icon on the home screen to claim your stars. Tap as many stars as you want to add to your “star wallet”

How to earn more stars?

Follow these steps to earn even more stars:

  1. Navigate to the “Home” tab
  2. Tap the “Earn more stars” button in the top right corner
  3. You’ll see the options available to you to earn more stars. These may change from time to time, so be sure to revisit this menu.