Say hello to Kid Santa

When Ellie Mae had Leukaemia, CLIC Sargent helped her family get through the crippling fear, logistical nightmares and spiraling costs of cancer. This Christmas, she is Kid Santa.

Most young people are counting down the sleeps to Christmas. Today, 12 will hear the devastating news they have cancer. 10-year-old Ellie Mae was one of those. But she beat cancer and this Christmas, she is Kid Santa who will give children like her a magical Christmas. But while she can put a smile on their faces at Christmas, she knows there’s a bigger problem. 

Cancer costs. A lot.

Travel to and from hospital, accommodation close to hospital to keep the family together, expensive car parking… It all costs. This goes for cancer patients as well as for other patients as well. When a child has cancer, their families spend on average an extra £600 a month and around 61% of parents will end up in debt. 10-year-old Ellie Mae knows how much cancer costs. She was diagnosed with Leukaemia a few years ago.

When I was on treatment I lost my hair, and I couldn’t walk for over a year. Mum and Dad never told me then, but now I know how much money it cost because of my cancer. Dad even had to give up his job to look after me.

CLIC Sargent was there to help her family get through it. The charity gave them a place to stay right next to hospital when Ellie Mae was going through treatment. They also provided a grant, helped them get financial support and made sure they had a social worker and a nurse. This shows how important all of the charities’ work is for the patient and their families, especially around Christmas.

Ellie Mae’s Mission.

Ellie Mae is now on a mission to help other children with cancer. She has transformed herself into Kid Santa to give a special Christmas with magical surprises to children with cancer. Hopefully, they can forget about cancer costs, even if it’s just for one day. So remember to donate this Christmas and help charities, such as CLIC Sargent, make a difference for children like Ellie Mae. When you use the DrugStars app, there is no excuse: it’s free!

Happy Christmas, from CLIC Sargent, Ellie Mae aka Kid Santa and DrugStars.