DrugStars, Matilde, Helsematilde, OrgandonationMatilde is a Danish blogger and influencer. On her blog, Helsematilde, her followers have access to her thoughts, work-out tips and cooking inspiration. The blog is Matilde’s free space where she can write without a filter, and she does that be sharing the good with the bad.

Matilde is one of the lucky ones that does not take medicine, and since she is no longer on p-pills, the only thing she has to take every day is her supplements.

“I get more and more apps and DrugStars is good for me. It reminds me to take my supplements AND at the same time I can donate money to good causes.”

“(…)I take supplements every day. I’ve done that since I was 18-19 years old and I can really feel if I e.g. don’t get my iron or magnesium. But damn, I often forget it.”

Matilde: Organ donor and crazy about DrugStars

“I’m quite crazy about it. I’m going to donate my stars to Organdonation – Ja Tak because I’m an organ donor myself and I want more people to make up their mind. You can also donate to Danske Hospitalsklovne, Parkinsonforeningen, Diabetesforeningen and many other great charities supporting important causes.”

Matilde, Helsematilde, DrugStars, Organdonation

The charity Organdonation – Ja Tak is currently doing a lot of work to get more Danes to become organ donors. Matilde’s DrugStars profile is proof that you don’t have to define yourself as a ‘patient’ to make good use of the app. She’s supporting health charities simply by taking her vitamins.

“Simple, easy and nice with an app that reminds me of things that can easily slip in a busy everyday schedule.”

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