DrugStars sees the SDGs as an opportunity.

In September 2015, world leaders adopted a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all.

For these goals to be reached, everyone needs to do their part: governments, civil society and the private sector.

The SDGs highlights the link between health and wealth, and set a new course for a world in which people can thrive, within the boundaries of the Earth.

Here at DrugStars we are working closely to achieve goals 3 and 12 everyday, helping as much as we can.

See the Sustainable Development Goals

Your medication interactions make the biggest impact.

At DrugStars our primary focus is Goal 3, with a special focus on sub goal 3.B to support research, development and universal access to affordable vaccines and medicines. In fact this is what drives us and it’s why we created our Patient Powered Pharmaceuticals pledge.

We are also working with goal 12 “Responsible consumption”, this is where our “Waste Medicines Matter” campaign started out. We hope to make it easier and safer to return and recycle old medical devices and medicines, and of course we will be rewarding all participants with Stars to donate. We are starting in Denmark in early 2020 and hopefully rolling out across the globe afterwards.

DrugStars’ impact on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Firstly, we have a clear direct impact by funding donations to health charities on behalf of our app users. By doing so, we’re creating a movement of patients supporting the communities, charities and supporters around the world.

Secondly, we have scientifically proven that DrugStars has a direct, positive effect on patient health and well-being, and has been recommended by The Evening Standard and Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen among others to help improve patients lives.

DrugStars documented outcome.

In a scientific study with over 600 Danish Diabetes patients using the DrugStars app, we were able to see that patient adherence to their medication increased for those that actively converted their stars and donated to a patient organisation.

(1) Skovlund.S.E et al. CHANGES IN PATIENT REPORTED OUTCOMES. Attitudes and health behaviours in 606 people with diabetes following 2 months use of the DrugStars app. Abstract Accepted for ISPOR 2018.