Imagine if you could support DrugStars in:

Engaging patients through DrugStars donations to patient organisations

Motivating patients to improve adherence = lower health care costs

Innovating health care based on patients’ real-life experiences

DrugStars Iphone & Apple Watch Mockup

The DrugStars platform allows you to achieve all this while getting positive CSR and social media exposure at the same time.

What do patients do on the DrugStars platform

They download the DrugStars app and register their medications.

They continue to take their medicines as prescribed by their doctor.

They get rewarded with “DrugStars” for taking their medicine, as an incentive to improve adherence.

They donate their “DrugStars” to patient organisations, and your organisation sponsors DrugStars to convert the stars into real money.

The donation is posted on social media together with #yourorganization and you get CSR exposure in return.

WHY should your organisation support patients’ journeys on the DrugStars platform?

1. Activate inactive patients.

2. Motivate patients to improve adherence.

3. Obtain increased CSR exposure among patients in relation to your organisation.

4. Receive positive social media interaction.

5. Gain increased awareness among patients within relevant indications.

6. Innovate based on patients’ perspectives on medicines.

Nobody values independence and transparency higher than DrugStars, because we know that the development of a global patient movement depends on exactly these core values.  Click here to read our business rules.

For further information please contact:

Claus Møldrup, PhD. (Pharm)
CEO, Founder @ DrugStars
Former professor in social pharmacy

Phone: +45 26 28 56 36