SDCC recommends DrugStars

Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen has published an article recommending leading apps. DrugStars is one of them.

The vision of Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen (SDCC) is to make the capital region an international leader within diabetes treatment, clinical research, education and health. It’s also to develop the future’s user-including treatment- and prevention methods.

There are 10 groups of apps. By clicking the small +, you unfold a list with names of apps that you can then download. The 10 groups are:
Blood Sugar Diaries, Carb-Counting, Excercise, Diet Planning, Network with other people with diabetes, Coordination of Measurements, Medicine, Pregnancy, Quitting Smoking and Insulin Calculator.
SDCC recommends DrugStars in the category, Medicine.

You can see the entire list here, however, we should mention that it’s in Danish.

About DrugStars SDCC writes: 

DrugStars: Reminds you to take your medicine and rewards you with stars. For every star you earn, an amount is donated to a medical purpose. So by using the app, you’re both helping yourself and other patients.

At DrugStars, we’re very honoured to be included in this list, including app created by one of the charities in the American DrugStars app: Beyond Type 1.