The Evening Standard: DrugStars is in Top 5

According to The Evening Standard, DrugStars is in the top 5 of Mental Health Apps. It is an important step toward being taken seriously on the British market.

We made it to the Top 5

DrugStars has been attracting a lot of attention over recent weeks, most recently from The Evening Standard. The Evening Standard is a London-based daily newspaper with more than 1.6 million* readers each year. It’s free and published Monday-Friday.

DrugStars was fortunate enough to feature on The newspapers’ online platform as part of an article highlighting the “5 best apps for mental health”. This is a huge honour. Especially, since we are constantly striving to make sure our app is as good as possible. The list really shows the hard work put in by our team.
Additionally, we owe plenty of thanks to our users who are constantly sharing DrugStars amongst their friends and families.

We’re feeling more and more at home in the UK

Patient Engagement & Care Manager, Andre, often travels to London to visit British charities.

It is a great deal to be included in this list.
We see this as a clear indication of the UK market adopting us as “their own”. Truth be told, we are constantly aiming to improve the app for our UK users, each and every day. Luckily, we have seen a huge increase in UK charities available for our British users who are now able to donate their stars to 9 different charities. See the entire list of our more than 40 different charities or visit our ‘happy place’ and see some of our best donation memories.

It’s also worth a quick shout out to the other apps listed in the article: Mindscape, HealthUnlocked Communities, Tomo & Echo. All of whom are doing an amazing job with ensuring we all stay as healthy as possible.

If you have yet to read the article, head over to the Evening Standard’s website and check it out


P.S. A huge thank you goes to Amelia Heathman from The Evening Standard for considering us in her list.


*Source: PAMCo January 17 – December 17