Patients voice on pharmaceuticals. 

Patients are the real experts on medicines – DrugStars magnifies the patients voice on and around medicines through Real World Experience and Evidence.

For too long patients have been ignored, we aim to change this by challenging the status quo and making the real world effects of medicines around the world a factor to be taken into consideration whenever patients and medications are discussed.

Our vision

A co-created future of healthcare where millions of patient experiences and attitudes to specific medicines are not only listened to, but heard by Pharma, Payers and Health Professionals around the world.

Patient data is important, it tells the truth about what is happening, changing theory to fact and putting the power back in the hands of the patients who rely on medication.

Our mission

To improve the daily lives of patients by reminding them of their medicine while enabling them to share their experiences, giving them the chance to support health charities close to their hearts for free. 

Feeling good about your meds finally becomes a side effect.

It really is all about helping, in every way we can. Whether it’s by reminding people to take their medications as prescribed, or through the giving of donations to charities and organisations; helping them to do more. However, behind all of this help is a patients voice, a patient in the real world telling how they experience medication everyday.